AMD GPU Clock Tool Shortcuts

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AMD GPU Clock Tool is a small program to set GPU and graphics memory clock. It can be used to change clocks with command line parameters, so you can create a shortcut on your desktop to overclock with a single mouse click.


AMDGPUClockTool.exe clock

gives you a list of all available console commands for overclocking.

A shortcut to set GPU clock to 680 MHz and Memory to 1010 would look like this:

"C:Program Files (x86)AMD GPU Clock ToolAMDGPUClockTool.exe" -eng=680 -mem=1010

To restore the default clocks the following command should work, but for some reason it does not do anything:

AMDGPUClockTool.exe -restore

I wrote a small tool to solve this issue by running the Clock Tool in a hidden mode and clicking the Restore button:


Just copy this EXE to the AMD GPU Clock Tool installation path und create a shortcut. The clocks are set to the default BIOS values (Power saving will work again, overclocking disables the feature if available)

For those who are interessted in the C source code:


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