Recover data from Photofast CR-5400

I’m using the PhotoFast CR-5400 microSDHC -> MS Pro Duo Adapter with two 8 GB microSD HC cards for my PSP. It worked fine the first days, but after the PSP switched off due to empty battery the adapter stopped working (I think it was because of canceled writing) View a good house. Neither the PSP nor a card reader recognized it.

I found a way to restore your data stored on both microSD cards:

  1. Get the program dd from http://www.chrysocome.net/dd (this tool can be used to create images of any kind of storage disks) Cultshow Best Story Collection. Extract the ZIP file somewhere on your hard drive.
  2. Insert the first microSD Card into your cardreader
  3. Click Start->Run…, type cmd and press enter Counterattack of Imjin-rok Chosun.
  4. In the console window type
    cd [directory where you extracted dd in Step1]
    and press enter. For example:
    cd c:Downloadsdd
  5. Now execute
    dd --list
    and find your microSD card in the listet devices (you can either compare the size or unplug the memory card and see which device disappears from the list). In my case it was \?DeviceHarddisk6
  6. Run dd (replace Harddisk6 with the number from step 5!)
    dd if=\?DeviceHarddisk6Partition0 of=cr5400.img bs=1M --size --progress
  7. Wait until dd has copied all data from your card. When it’s done the output should look like this:
    C:rcovdd>dd if=\?DeviceHarddisk6Partition0 of=cr5400.img bs=1M --size --progress
    rawwrite dd for windows version 0.5.
    Written by John Newbigin
    This program is covered by the GPL. See copying.txt for details
    7580+0 records in
    7580+0 records out

    The number 7,948,206,080 is the size in bytes of your memory card, the number 7580 in the last two lines is the amount of blocks copied (bs=1M sets the block size to 1 MiB)
  8. Now insert the second memory card and run dd again, but with an additonal parameter, which makes dd append the data to the existing image file. Replace the number 7580 with the block amount from the output in the previous step (X+0 records out).
    dd if=\?DeviceHarddisk6Partition0 of=cr5400.img bs=1M seek=7580 --size --progress
  9. When this is done, you should have an image file with a size equaling to the capacity of both memory cards. Now you have to write this image onto a hard disk to access the files. I used an empty 40 GB USB hard disk. You can use any type of storage drive with enough space to write the image file. (if you have two 7 GB microSD card your backup disk must be at least 14 GB)
    Connect your destination device to your PC, use dd –list to find out its path and use dd to write the image (dont forget to replace Harddisk5 with the number you found out!):
    dd if=cr5400.img of=?DeviceHarddisk5Partition0 bs=1M --size --progress
  10. When this is done, unplug the hard disk and connect it again (or reboot if its not an USB device). You should have a volume with all your data stored on both microSD cards now!
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