WP-Filebase – File Download Manager for WordPress

WP-Filebase is a powerful download manager supporting file categories, thumbnails and more.

Uploaded files can be associated with a post or page so the download URL, thumbnail and other file information are appended automatically to the content.

Additionally there are options to limit traffic and download speed.

Some more features:

  • Arrange files in categories and sub-categories
  • Automatically creates thumbnails of images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP)
  • Powerful template engine (variables, IF-Blocks)
  • Associate files to posts and automatically attach them to the content
  • Customisable file list widget
  • Hotlinking protection
  • Daily and monthly traffic limits
  • Download speed limiter for registered users and anonymous
  • Range download (allows user to pause downloads and continue them later)
  • Works with permalink structure
  • Download counter which ignores multiple downloads from the same client
  • Many file properties like author, version, supported languages, platforms, license …

WordPress Plugin Directory Entry

Example of three auto-attached files:

WP-Filebase Attachements

WP-Filebase Widget:

WP-Filebase Widget

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  • Mauro says:

    I’ve just installed the latest release of the plugin into my 4.5.3 Italian wordpress, I can’t upload files because ‘file_last_dl_ip’ cannot be null (this is the sistem error message).

    What can I do ?

    Thanks in advance
    Mauro Ferri

  • Hi,
    After months of proper work, our customer started to have problem with uploading files with size more than 10MB. This issue shows a “Error -200: HTTP Error” or ERROR-450 (looking with firebug) and ERROR 500 if they use standard browser file uploader. Smallest files are uploading properly. Max file upload size is set to 64MB.

    Please help to find problem.

    Thanks in advance

  • Harlie says:

    Last night some files disappeared. One of the missing files turned up in the core folder as a file with the letter c as its filename.

    The Plugin has been deleted from the WP directory. Is there somewhere to get an explanation?

  • Rein says:

    I use free WP-filebase. I’ve just installed the latest release of the plugin Versioon I can’t upload files because ‘file_last_dl_ip’ cannot be null (this is the sistem error message). I added page for file browser, but in settings I cant see list of pages or posts, to enclude page id.

    What can I do ?

    Thanks in advance
    Rein Järvelill

  • Henryk says:

    is your plugin compatible with PHP 7?
    I would like to upgrade my site and I’m using your free plugin.

  • Sabrina C. says:

    Hi, Just a small question, the free plugin link does not work and on wordpress.org your plugin is no more available. Did you stop supporting the free version?

  • Stefan says:

    I am running WP-Filebase Version 3.1.02. on WordPress 4.8.1 and I also had the problem “Unable to insert item into DB! Column ‘file_hash’ cannot be null” when uploading files (not successful).

    The problem seems to be gone after doing the following:

    MySQL DB `wp_wpfb_files` modified:
    Column “file_hash” set flag NN no FALSE
    Column “file_last_dl_ip” set flag NN no FALSE
    Column “file_license” set flag NN no FALSE
    Column ‘file_remote_uri’ set flag NN no FALSE

    That means i allowed that columns to be NULL.

  • Roby says:

    theres no more possibility to download for your plugin WP-Filebase? Do you ended with that plugin?

  • Laci says:

    contact form on wpfilefase.com (PRO) not work: https://wpfilebase.com/contact/
    tickect system is broken (if want see u ticket redirect on homepage)
    redirect url upload in last pro version not work

  • Dennis says:

    https://wpfilebase.com website login and ticket system not working. No responses, plugin development appears to be abandoned.

  • JUSIK says:

    I bought yesterday the latest version of WP Filebase Pro plugin (75 € / 5 licenses).
    The activation poses problem on my site.
    I get the following message:
    Activation failed: Connection to license server failed. Make sure the server has an internet connection. If it is behind a proxy add the proxy configuration to wp-config.php. Please try again or ask your hosting provider for details.

    Could you tell me ?


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