Speed AutoClicker now available in English

Latest Version of Speed AutoClicker has been translated into english. .

3D Head Tracking using Webcam & Kinect

DropPHP – simple PHP Dropbox API Client without cURL

DropPHP provides a simple interface for Dropbox’s REST API to list, download and upload files. For authentication it uses OAuthSimple, HTTPS requests are made with PHP’s built in stream wrapper. It does not require any special PHP libarys like PECL, cURL or OAUTH. It is released under a BSD license and there is a GitHub page. Functions The class […]


KeyCommander is an application to create command chains assigned to a certian keyboard or mouse button. The idea is based on the functionality of .

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Cisco VPN Client Installation problems

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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AMD GPU Clock Tool Shortcuts

AMD GPU Clock Tool is a small program to set GPU and graphics memory clock. It can be used to change clocks with command line parameters, so you can create a shortcut on your desktop to overclock with a single mouse click.

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PHP Progressbar

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Thermal Pad

Thermal Pad simulates a heat-sensitive surface that reacts on finger tips.

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Control a steel ball through a wooden labyrinth using the device’s accelerometer. Sounds easy but beware of the black holes! Try to get the ball in the goal taking as little time as possible. In this lite version of Labyrinth you can play 17 Levels with increasing difficulty. In the full version which will be […]

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The webOS-App Seismograph uses the device’s built-in accelerometer to record movement impacts in three axes.

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