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Traffic Limiter is a useful addon for blogs with many media files which can cause high data traffic.
There are three traffic limits to avoid over traffic costs: daily, weekly and monthly limit 레바의 모험 2.8 다운로드. If one of these limits is exceeded downloads will either be redirected to a custom URL or a custom message is displayed. For images you can define a fallback icon which is displayed instead of the message Download the script for Friends Season 1. Additionally a download bandwidth can be set for registered users and guests.

Also included is a statistic system which displays the current traffic consumption and individual file stats to see which media produces the most traffic Centos 6.

If the Apache extension mod_rewrite is installed download links stay the same, if not links to media files are automatically redirected. It is recommended to install mod_rewrite, although this plugin works without this extension 직무수행계획서.

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  • I tried it on WPMU 2.8.6
    it keeps alarm
    “The upload path wp-content/blogs.dir/12/files does not exists. Please create it and make it writable for PHP”
    would you please spend some time to test it on wpmu.

  • Efthyvoulos says:

    Hello Fabian
    I install the traffic limiter and when I go to Media –> Traffic Limiter I get an error at the top of the page: * The upload path does not exists. Please create it and make it writable for PHP * . Could you please help me resolve this issue. I am new to WordPress. The wordpress version I use is 3.0.1.
    Thank you

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