WP-Filebase – Datei Download Manager für WordPress

WP-Filebase is a powerful file/download management plugin for WordPress.

It uses a category/sub-category/file taxonomy to keep everything structured borrower form. Providing a template system, the plugin is made for consistent output for file attachements and file lists including pagination and search functions.

There are two versions available:

WP-Filebase Pro or WP-Filebase (free)

With WP-Filebase you can…

  • create dynamic paginated and sortable file lists
  • build photo galleries
  • embed flash (or other formats) videos using a template player
  • easily publish MP3 and other audio files with automatic ID3 tag detection
  • restrict downloads for certain user roles
  • upload files from the front-end via widgets

WP-Filebase Pro includes the following extra features:

  • PDF thumbnails
  • Embedded Upload forms
  • Dropbox and FTP Sync
  • Extended Permissions
  • Secondary Categories for Files

Documentation is available here Halsion Lunch. Feel free to post any bug reports or feature requests in the comments below. If you really like WP-Filebase, you should consider buying a Pro License to support the project Download the movie Hannah.

Currently in Development:

  • File Tags: Like tags of WordPress Articles, files can have multiple tags. In you can only set tags and display them with the template variable %file_tags% Download qsync. Listing all files with the same tags and tag links are not implemented yet.
  • Bulk Actions, I know they are greatly missed 😉


This page is translated to Serbo-Croatian language by Anja Skrba from Webhostinggeeks.com/wordpresshosting Download Sniper Assassin.

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  • Jure sagt:

    Any news on update?

  • Fizzgigg sagt:

    Unfortunately it looks dead and buried.

  • encaria sagt:

    hi fabi
    please update this plugin
    i am in iran and i like this plugin but this not work in my wp 3

  • Fabi sagt:

    I’m very sorry about not having updated the plugin for long time. But since my studies started some months ago I’m very busy with other stuff. Since there are so many requests, I’l try to find some time this weekend and do some improvements. Please stay tuned!

  • Fizzgigg sagt:

    Fabi, noce to have you back, we’ve missed you. 🙂

  • Fizzgigg sagt:

    Correction, I ment „nice“ and not „noce“. 🙂

  • Jure sagt:

    Great new,this is the best wordpress plugin.

  • Fabi sagt:

    Ok, I’ve started reworking the whole plugin. Please post any more wishes. 😉

  • Martina sagt:

    Hey Fabi,
    this is great to hear. However, with a little editing because of the not working uploading of thumbnails, I could get the plugin to work as excellent as before. However, my wishlist would be:

    – that all previous installations stay intact. Means, that, if we update, we don’t need to re-add the thousand uploads. It took days to add them all.

    – pagination of the categories. It loads forever with many downloads on one site, so we had to divide some categories into category1a and category1b.

    – excellent would be some kind of automatic thumbnailer, so that you don’t have to make them on your own by opening them, capping them and then resize and crop those pics again with another graphic programm,
    but are grabbed from the video by the plugin, but I don’t know if that possibility even exists.

    – inclusion of external youtube videos. Somehow. I don’t know how exactly to do that, but it would be great.

  • Edit sagt:

    Hi Fabian,

    nice to have you back and working on your fantastic plugin.

    My wishlist:

    I like Giulio Ganci’s „Downloads Manager“ very much because of it’s simplicity and ease. But unfortunately the developer dissapeared and the development of the plugin ceased. Maybe you could get some ideas from them.

    I found another quite good plugin with some very good features: „RSFiles“ – see http://www.rswordpress.com
    But they stopped development too and it is lacking some needed features (e.g. missing of shortcodes).

    My biggest wish: Configurable mirror downloads and using of Amazon S3 Web Services as the storage service for the files to download.

    Thank you for your great plugin and all the best,

  • ahmed sagt:

    i must say, your plugin is the best that i’ve seen around to what it is capable of, however i couldnt get it to fully work on my computer.
    i am using php 5
    and i’ve just upgraded my wordpress to version 3.0.2.

    all what i really need to do is to allow the admin to insert multiple downloads per page/post which can then be accessible from the sidebar.

    i want the sidebar to only display the attached downloads for the page/post you are on.
    if the post/page doesnt have any attachments, then do not display anything on the sidebar

  • Hello, Fabian.

    Just a suggestion for a quick fix that made me waste a few hours today.
    In lib/wp-filebase_admin_gui_manage.lib.php, right at the end, there is a php short tag just before the last break statement.
    This leads to a parse error if short tags are not enabled (and they shouldn’t be, it’s there just for backwards compatibility). In my case, the error didn’t show up (even with display_errors), I found it by running the command-line php in every php file. Once I changed the „<?" to "<?php", everything went back to normal.
    Hope this helps someone who might encounter this bug.


  • Fabi sagt:

    Thanks for the hint Bruno!

    The new update is on its way.

  • How I can sync uploaded files by FTP with WP-Filebase data?

    When I looked for this issue in the previous comments I noticed some users pointed to a button for syncing but I couldn’t find it!

    I’m using:
    Apache 2.0.63
    PHP 5.2.14
    MySQL 5.0.91

  • Sorry for stupid question… I knew how I can sync files, it’s too easy

  • Alberto sagt:

    Hi fabi, your work is awesome.

    It would be cool to have it to work togheter with Custom User Roles to add flexibility to the download per day limit page. can it be done?

    see ya

  • Fizzgigg sagt:

    Fabi, do you have an ETA on the updated version?

  • Alberto sagt:

    Hi Fabi, i’ve already modded the plugin to work with custom roles, it was pretty easy 😀
    i was wondering if could it be possible to add more features with the download charts like time based charts

  • Jure sagt:

    Any news on the update?

  • Andy sagt:

    One important feature that I’m interested in is having the titles and descriptions searchable. preferably as part of the main WP search function.

  • Titus sagt:

    I agree. Fabian, do you think you can update WP-Filebase to officialyl be 3.0.4 compatible too?
    Thanks for the fabulous job!

  • Fabi sagt:

    @Andy: the search integration is about to be implemented
    @Titus: WP-Filebase just works with 3.0.4, I don’t know what I would have to change to make it compatible. However, the new update (WIP) is a fudamental re-development based on current WordPress API standards.
    Unfortunately, I formatted my memory stick whith my latest dev version. So at the moment I cant continue work until I’m back at home in Aachen next sunday where I have the backup.

  • Rivo99 sagt:

    Hello Fabi – I was wondering if it would be possible to add „file_id“ to the options of sorting the list descending in the Settings–Display–Default Sorting area.

    I’m trying to sort the list of files displayed by the date of upload descending and it seems like the file_id variable would do the trick, but it is not listed.


  • olja1 sagt:

    Was arbeiten, fabi?
    Winrar:“archive is damaged“
    7zp: alle ist super

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