WP-Filebase – File Download Manager for WordPress

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WP-Filebase is a powerful download manager supporting file categories, thumbnails and more.

Uploaded files can be associated with a post or page so the download URL, thumbnail and other file information are appended automatically to the content borrower form.

Additionally there are options to limit traffic and download speed.

Some more features:

  • Arrange files in categories and sub-categories
  • Automatically creates thumbnails of images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP)
  • Powerful template engine (variables, IF-Blocks)
  • Associate files to posts and automatically attach them to the content
  • Customisable file list widget
  • Hotlinking protection
  • Daily and monthly traffic limits
  • Download speed limiter for registered users and anonymous
  • Range download (allows user to pause downloads and continue them later)
  • Works with permalink structure
  • Download counter which ignores multiple downloads from the same client
  • Many file properties like author, version, supported languages, platforms, license …

WordPress Plugin Directory Entry

Example of three auto-attached files:

WP-Filebase Attachements

WP-Filebase Widget:

WP-Filebase Widget

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  • Luc says:

    Hello Fabi,

    Thanks for this plugin. What i’m looking for is adjusting the width of the grey-download screen. Adjusting the template in thje admin area doesn’t work and I couldn’t find the right lines in the php files. Can you make the width of the table adjustable or tell me how I can do this by changing the code?

    Thanks, Luc

  • Fabi says:

    Luc, just edit the stylesheet wp-filebase.css in the plugin root dir:
    At line 12 inside the CSS class .wpfilebase-attachment you find the width declaration:
    width: 400px;

  • Luc says:

    Thanx, that’s just what I needed (I changed the details text width too). Maybe in a future version you can make thes values adjustable in the admin area (now I have to adjust it with every update of the plugin). I’m very grateful for your work, keep it up.


  • Ellen says:


    This plugin would be fantastic, but there’s one thing.

    I want to use this plugin for PDF-files. I want to show them on the website, so people can download them. There is nothing wrong with that part! But the problem is, i’ve got many PDF-files (over 180). So I tried to add them with FTP in a folder on my server and then use filebase sync to add all files in wordpress. But everytime i did, the plugin told me there was nothing changed. What do I have to do to make this work?
    my wordpress version is 1,8,4 in dutch, my php version I do not know for shure. What I do know, is that I never found any problems with it, I could do anything I want with PHP.

    Can you help me?

  • Bob Stilger says:

    I think this is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks so much! Two questions:

    1) When I change the settings so that “Show attached files” is unchecked and save, it immediately checks the box again. I do not want files to show at the bottom of a post, what can I do?

    2)I must be missing something simple. I want to have the directory of files, with summaries, viewable and searchable on my site. How do I do that?



  • Andrew says:


    It looks great. I’m trying Version:

    I can upload a file. But I get a 404 in when using the editor. This happens with two separate installations. Any suggestions where I should start looking?



  • Thanks ever so much for this just what I have been looking for. With all these useful plugins my WordPress is going to be rammed lol

  • Fabi says:
    * Added FTP upload support (use `Sync Filebase` to add uploaded files)
    * Code optimizations for less server load
    * File requirements can include URLs now
    * Fixed options checkbox bug
    * Fixed an issue with the editor button
    * Fixed form URL query issue
    * Some fixes for Windows platform support

    The sync function adds files uploaded with FTP now.

    1) The checkbox issue is fixed in the new version, thanks for reporting
    2) Search boxes for file lists are not supported yet, todo.

    @Andrew If you want to report a bug or have any problems with this Plugin please post your WordPress and PHP Version!
    You should try the new Version If this doesn’t work try to figure out the URL of the 404 Error by right-clicking the box -> Current Frame -> Frame info

  • Bob Stilger says:

    Thanks Fabi,

    I think that I am still missing something. There’s a way that all uploaded files can be displayed on a single page, right? How do I do that?

    Thanks for this work!


  • Bob Stilger says:

    Seems to be a problem with the latest release, Fabi. I can access files I have uploaded, but can no longer upload new files.


  • Fabi says:

    If you want to report a bug or have any problems with this Plugin please post your WordPress and PHP Version!

    Any error messages?

  • Bob Stilger says:

    No error messages. But when I try to upload, I just get a list of what has been uploaded, no ability to upload anything new.

    WP 2.8.5
    PHP 5.x

  • Bob Stilger says:

    And just to be clear here, I get the same response when I click on your icon in posts or pages — a box comes up which across the top gives options of single file, file URL, and File list. At the bottom are links for cancel or insert. when I click on single file, a list comes up of the files I’ve uploaded, Nothing comes up on File URL, File list gives a list of cateories I don’t know how to use. No option to upload in any of the three cases.

    Also, still have the question about how to make all resources show up on a Page that I can have as a Resources page for the site.


  • i already uploaded files but when i click the filebase button on the post and page i only got a window for filebase but nothing inside. what should i do?

  • Fabi says:

    I wonder how many times I have to post the following phrase:
    If you want to report a bug or have any problems with this Plugin please post your WordPress and PHP Version!

    Can you post a screenshot please?

    Once again 😉
    If you want to report a bug or have any problems with this Plugin please post your WordPress and PHP Version!

    New Version
    * Download charset HTTP header fixed
    * Editor file list fixed
    * New file list option `Uncategorized Files`

  • MarkS says:

    Great plugin. Thanks!

    I’m finding an upload file size limit of 2MB. Message is “No file was uploaded.”

    Is there supposed to be a 2MB limit? Where can I edit this? My wmpu site is set to allow uploads up to 30MB.

  • MarkS says:

    For above 2MB limit comment. WPMU 2.8.4, PHP 5.2.6

    • Fabi says:

      @markS The max upload size is set in th php.ini. If you’re on a webspace contact your hosting provider. Or, much easier, use FTP and the sync button.

      Bob, try using Ftp and the sync button. Also try to upload a file with wordpress buildin media upload. And execute the chmod 777 ftp command again. Reas plugin FAQ and installation notes.

  • Bob Stilger says:

    Thanks for your patience, Fabi. Still using WP 2.8.5 and PHP 5.x.

    Can you tell me how to insert a screen shot. Can’t figure that out. Installed update, still unable to upload any files. I simply get a list of what is there already. Also, still don’t understand how to display all resources on single page. Sorry for being pesty and thanks!

  • Scott says:

    Is there a way to turn off the download counter feature?

    Great plugin– being able to turn off features would be very helpful, thanks for responding.

  • Scott says:

    Figured out how to not display file download numbers…

    change the visibility in the style sheet.

    — can i keep the override without babysitting the plugin after an upgrade?


  • Fabi says:

    You can edit the template in WP-Filebase settings to remove features. Just delete the code or comment it out with <!-– html comment tags –->.

  • Fabi says:

    * Added CSS Editor
    * Added max upload size display
    * Fixed settings error `Missing argument 1 for WPFilebaseItem::WPFilebaseItem()`
    * Fixed widget control
    * Fixed an issue with browser caching and hotlink protection

  • eliZZZa says:

    Hallo Fabian,
    großartiges Plugin! Ich habe ein kleine Problem damit – ich kann keine Kategorien anlegen. Wenn ich den Button “Manage Categories” anklicke, passiert – nichts.
    Ich arbeite mit WP 2.8.5 und PHP5. Mache ich was falsch?

    Herzliche Grüße aus Wien,

  • eliZZZa says:

    Oopsy Daisy – habe im nächsten Moment entdeckt, dass ich zum Kategorien Dialog gelange, wenn ich im Texteditor auf das Filebase-Icon klicke und im folgenden Fenster auf “Create Category” klicke.
    Dann lande ich auf der “Manage Categories” Seite. Damit kann ich leben!


  • eliZZZa says:

    Ist allerdings nur EINMAL gelungen, so lange noch keine Kategorien angelegt waren… >;o/

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